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Great package #KrabiRT  (Krabi Responsible Tourism)

Fantastic price… starting from 2,560 - 7,060 Baht/person that includes:

    ๐ 3 days / 2 nights’ accommodation inclusive of breakfast.

 ๐ Transfers to/from the airport and accommodation.

   ๐ 1 low carbon tourism activity

(canoeing plus a meal, bicycle tour plus a meal, cooking class, or a community tourism activity.)

D-Day (for reservations): 2 February – 18 March 2020.  

Travel: 18 March – 30 September 2020.

           Special Offer !! The first 600 people who book will receive a really cool stylish gift; e.g., a drink canister + luggage tag ‘I’m Krabi RT’,

a cutlery set + portable chopsticks in a Panan Pandan sachet.


So!!  Another thing, each hotel has a special recommendation that is different from each other You can check here. Then, you can book directly with the hotel.



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