Routes to Krabi Experience… Time and Again

Krabi is an amazing small coastal town endowed with great riches in nature and culture. 
Krabi’s history dates back to prehistory with abundant archeological evidence and sites.
Krabi’s prosperity dates back to ancient times when it was an important and prosperous port town.
In Krabi, ethnic Muslims, Chinese, and Buddhist Thais live together in harmony,
making Krabi a model of cultural pluralism. Artistically, the art scenes in Krabi are as vibrant as other cities,
if not more.

Krabi’s pristine nature is unparalleled, being endowed with plentiful natural resources for tourism
on land and at sea. This tropical paradise is rich with stunning limestone mountains, waterfalls,
hot springs and caves. Its rainforest boasts rare wildlife and is rich with biodiversity.
Krabi’s wilderness and towering limestone cliffs attract adventure tourists from all over the world.
With numerous offshore islands jutting out from the sea, Krabi is also a world-class beach destination
with paradise islands and breathtaking diving sites. 

“Route to Krabi Experiences… Time and Again” helps you explore the wonder of Krabi.
It is a perfect guide for both first-time visitors and those who want to get to know
this amazing place more deeply for a more enriching Krabi experience.



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